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Pay & Book online for Riding Lessons 
Step 1. Contact Details (details of person who wishes to take the riding lesson)
Name/Childs name
Tel No:

Do you (the applicant) now or have you ever suffered from any of the following



Back Problems


Heart Problems

Nerous Disorders

Other (pleaes state)

(If yes to any of these, please tick the condition concerned and in your own interest state whether or not your doctor is in agreement with you riding)

Doctors Name:


*(Ladies, it is advisable to let the management know if you are pregnant)

I acknowledge and accept that riding is a risk sport



Step 2. Booking Terms and Conditions

Payment can be made by cheque (payable to Galway Equestrian Centre), by credit card or electronic bank transfer. F

Cancellation / Postponement terms:

24 hourse notice to be given prior to cancellation in order to obtain a full refund


Parent or Guardian of Child Client 
1. The Proprietors and Management reserve the right to refuse an applicant Permission to ride at this establishment.
2. Accurate information on previous riding experience must be supplied. Before acceptance (see registration sheet) 
3. Regulation headwear, footwear and clothing must be worn. Headwear and footwear brought by clients may be examined by management for suitability. All instructions from management and staff must be meticulously followed in the interest of safety.
4. Horses will be matched to riders in accordance with rider’s statement of experience.
5. Riders are recommended to have Personal Accident Insurance Cover. 
The establishment is approved and makes every reasonable eort to ensure the safety of the rider but in the interests of providing a good and reasonable service without fear of unreasonable claims for injuries, we do require the following disclaimer to be accepted as part of the conditions of riding at this establishment. The proprietor/s, management and employees of this establishment shall not be liable for nor shall they accept responsibility for any personal injury, loss or damage sustained by any person or persons (including customer/rider) whether arising under the express or implied terms of this contract, whether direct or indirect and including consequential losses arising out of any activities of this establishment or in any other way whatsoever which does not arise from any negligent act or omission of the proprietor’s/management/employees.

I have read and accepted the Terms and Conditions

Please tick

Riding Classes for children/adults Tuesday to Saturday.
Adults Tues 8pm
Wed 10.30am-6.45pm-8pm
Thurs 6.45pm-8pm
Fri 8pm
Sat 4.30pm
Child Tues all day by appointment
Wed 4pm – 5.30 – 6.45
Thurs 4pm-5.30pm- 6.45pm
  Fri 4pm-5.30pm-6.45pm
Sat 9.30am to 4pm (half hour classes for under 7 & hour class beginner to advanced
Price €100 euro for 5 x 1hour classes booked and payed in advance or€25 euro pay as you go

€50 euro for 5 half hour child class or

€15 euro pay as you go